A Completely Pleasant Experience

Planning and building our home with Bay Area Contracting, its outstanding design team and caring subcontractors, was a completely pleasant experience. We enjoyed every minute – it was fun!

We began our project working with BAC Design’s Marty Rhein for both the interior and exterior looks. His creativity and gentle spirit guided us through the process so the completed house ended up as we had imagined it, not what Marty wanted. His design eye is excellent, so a few times he did step in to save us from ourselves. We wouldn’t change a thing that he recommended.

Dean’s high energy was contagious for us and also showed in everyone on our site from framing to finishing. We were struck with the number of compliments for Dean from many subcontractors, those who had worked elsewhere and were now committed to Dean because of his attitude, care, ethics. Dean demanded excellence but had a tender touch to those giving their time for his projects. This of course increased our confidence that we would indeed be getting a terrific home.

We also appreciated all the contacts that Dean has in the area – metal worker, custom cabinet maker, stone mason, creator of a rustic beam. If we broached an unusual idea to Dean it didn’t faze him as he seems to have connections in all areas.

We are now two years post-construction and love the home that Dean and his team created for us. Even though we are this far out, we are always greeted with Dean’s signature hug and beaming smile. And, for a few minor adjustments that have surfaced in these two years, Dean is quick to answer a text or call.

What I sense is that once we’re in Dean’s construction family, he always considers us this way. He is truly a gem of a man in ability, knowledge, commitment to excellence, care towards others, honesty. We can’t imagine anyone having a better building experience than we had with BAC. If we were to build again or remodel we would only make one call – to Dean. We highly recommend him!


Commitment to Build Excellence

The first time we met Dean Adams, we were sitting at our cottage kitchen table, with our home designer, pulling together our plans and interviewing Dean, as one of several contractors for the project that included razing the old cottage and constructing a tight, year round home on the shore of Lake Michigan. Dean was the last contractor we spoke with, and although many brought seasoned histories to or table, Dean was so far out in-front of the others in his knowledge of materials, methods and codes, that we hired him on the spot. We did not realize that his commitment to building excellence was only exceeded by his commitment to honesty and integrity. I am confident that I could have given Dean the checkbook to write expenses on, and we would have ended up at the exact price points we agreed upon.

After living in our house for 1 1/2 years, we can honestly say we are as enthusiastic about Dean as the day we met him. The house not only stands up to the 70 knot winds Lake Michigan slams us with, but remains cozy and warm during the winter gales. Our energy efficiency is a total gift. We are comfortable year round for utility bills that match up with many apartment dwellers.

The greatest accolade we can give Dean is that we have recommended him to several friends who also interviewed and hired him. As they are not available during the construction process, they are especially appreciative of his construction calendar, his network of local suppliers and his willingness to meet with them at their convenience.

We have one last remarkable comment about Dean's commitment to his clients. As expected, our house has settled into its bones with subsequent adjustments being necessary. Most contractors gave us one year to make these tunings. Dean gave us two, and thank goodness. Although minor, Dean has someone from his crew come out and take care of them, no questions asked.


Chereskin’s Dream Home

Dean Adams, of Bay Area Contracting, was introduced to us a few years ago when our son and his family were Dean’s neighbors. Dean went on to build their dream home, and as Barb and I watched the building process, it was easy to see why Dean was voted the Builder of the Year.

From the start, it was clear that Dean spent time reviewing all the details and quality of work expected from all of his employees. As we watched our son’s project, we noticed his attention to detail and how easy he was to work with. Dean was always available to answer questions and was determined to build homes that fulfill the homeowners’ dreams. We never considered using any other contractor.

It was important for us to find a builder who would listen to our ideas and plans for our home. This is the fourth home we have built and Dean has surpassed all of our expectations. We spent a great deal of time at the project, meeting all of his suppliers and sub-contractors, all of whom were highly professional and qualified.

Dean is always ready to offer his ideas to improve the design and cost efficiency of the project that the average homeowner might not realize. Being a retired couple, it was critical for us to stay within our budget. Dean consistently reviewed our costs throughout the building process, making it easy to stay within our price range.

We truly saved the best house for last. We would like to sincerely thank Dean Adams, and all of his staff at Bay Area Contracting.


Exceeding Expectations

What struck us first about Dean was how much time he spent with us during the design and bid phase. We quickly learned that Dean “got it,” and we believed that he could make our vision a reality. Given the time he had invested in his bid, we were confident that it would not have any costly surprises. Dean never once came back to us and asked for more money on something that was in the original bid, and several times added features and upgraded materials at no cost to us.

When we first heard him say, “We want you to be happy,” we thought it was a nice sentiment, but it became a mantra during the process. We felt Dean’s commitment to building a home for us, not just a structure. That commitment is shared by all of the professionals and tradespeople Dean brings onto the project.

Building a house is a collaborative process, with many opinions and options. Dean will help you stay true to yourself, your budget and your schedule. And the sum will be greater than the parts you set out to bring together. We could say we’d be glad to build another house with Dean, but he got our dream house right the first time.

— Lee Muehlmann and Sarah Thompson

Making Dreams a Reality

Dean Adams, owner of Bay Area Contracting, is not only a first-rate builder - he is, simply put, a genuinely nice guy. From the beginning of the design/build process until the completion of our home, Dean was professional, polite and always had that "can do" attitude that you want in a builder. I don't think we could imagine building our home with anyone other than Dean. I can recall my first meeting with Dean and Ken, his designer/draftsman (who is also excellent at his job), in which Dean uttered the words, "Julie, it is my job to make your dreams a reality." Dean most definitely remained true to his word and created an amazing dwelling, which we now call home.


Building Customer Satisfaction

Dean was proactive throughout the entire building process and really knows how to provide a top quality product within the initial budget expectations. I continue to be complimented on the forward thinking of many features within the home by friends and guests who wish they would have had a similar experience. Dean comes with an “exceeds expectations” recommendation from an extremely satisfied client.

— Mitchell Blue

The Annelin Family is Impressed

Dean Adams, of Bay Area Contracting, has been great to work with in the planning and building of our new home. He considered all aspects of our requirements with regard to financial considerations, lifestyle needs and environmentally sound choices. When we wanted to make some changes, he willingly considered our requests and thoroughly explained the possible results of those changes. He often came up with improved ideas that made the changes even better than we imagined. His workmanship is excellent, he has an eye for detail, such as rounded corners with impeccable trim work. We felt welcomed to contact Dean at any time with questions and concerns, and his response was always prompt and his manner efficient.

Because he is so well known in the business, on occasion he was able to surprise us with upgrades that we hadn't expected. We were often at the site when crews were present, and we found the workers friendly and willing to take the time to explain what they were doing along the way. We deeply appreciate Dean's personal approach with his clients, and we are happy with our beautiful, new, energy-efficient home.

— Tom and Cathy Annelin