BAC Process

The building process can be at once both exciting and daunting. Exciting because it is the physical creation of client’s home, yet a bit scary because of the many unknowns in how the process unfolds. At Bay Area Contracting, we strive to put our clients at ease and fully explain the steps involved in building their home.

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A smart process results in happy clients.
Dean Adams, BAC Owner

Setting a Budget

Write down what you’re able to invest in to your building project.

Perhaps the most critical part of the building process is determining a budget and the investment required for construction. A budget will include many items such as the cost of the land, cost of drawings/blueprints, site work, building materials, etc.

Property Selection

Scope out a piece of land that will measure up to your lifestyle.

For a client, the first step in building might be the purchase of piece of property, or simply an envisioning of a space that suits their needs and lifestyle. As each home is unique, each lot or property is as well. Many factors come into play, and it is always a good idea to meet with a knowledgeable builder/contractor to look at things such as topography, soil properties, building envelopes, tree removal, etc. that impact the suitability of a property and their effects on building costs.

Draw up the Plans

Architects will finalize your house plans to ensure the accuracy of every dimension

Once the location of a new home is determined, plans will be drawn up by an architect or draftsman. It is often beneficial to have a builder involved when plans are finalized as design features can affect the project’s bottom line. Also, a builder’s knowledge and expertise can positively contribute to layout and function of the space.

The Bid Process

Hammer out the costs to construct your home and finish the interior

So, the land is purchased and the plans are drawn. Next comes the difficult task of locating a builder to take the blueprints and create the home. It is important to meet with different builders and to establish a positive relationship. A good builder will work with clients to create a bid that will detail the costs involved in construction of their home. This bid should be detailed and explain all the items required and used in construction. Bay Area Contracting’s bid are broken down into the following categories: site work, construction materials, masonry, windows and doors, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, interior finishes, flooring, landscape, utilities.

Making Selections

From paint colors to plumbing fixtures, now is the time to select the finishes for your home

When a client accepts a bid and signs a contract, construction can finally begin. At Bay Area Contracting, our clients will begin the selection process at this time, while we begin to pull the many permits required for construction. The earlier selections are made and finalized, the smoother the process will go. Typically, a client will do selections for exterior colors, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, countertops, tile, interior finishes, hardware, paint, etc. We have great relationships with our suppliers and provide a selection coordinator to help our clients through the selection process. Also, we offer professional design services with BAC Design Group for customers desiring such assistance.


From the ground up your house will take shape as the building process begins.

Here is a brief summary of the construction process. Once permits are obtained, the home site will be cleared and Basement floors will be poured and framing and setting of the roof trusses will follow. Windows/doors can be installed and roofing begins. Walk-throughs that determine electrical placements come next, as does the preliminary HVAC/plumbing installation. Once everything inside the walls is complete, the home is insulated and drywall begins. Trim carpenters will hang doors and install casings/trim. Hard surface flooring is installed and cabinetry follows. Painting can begin. Countertops, electrical and plumbing fixtures are put in. Carpeting and hardware installation are the last steps before final inspections. A Certificate of Occupancy is granted and it is time to move in!

Move In!

At last you can enjoy the happy home you’ve created.

When our clients move into their new homes, they join the Bay Area Contracting family. We provide a two-year warranty and stand by the quality of our work. Our goal is to help our clients understand the construction process and make it as stress free and enjoyable as possible.