Our BAC Family has proudly grown over the years into several new departments. We are a family-owned business, and “family” is the essence of everything we do. Whatever the size of your family, our custom homes can be constructed to fit any means possible. Our dedication to your satisfaction is unconditional, and our passion for professionalism and quality is complete. A recent expansion of services has allowed us to provide a one of a kind building experience that is truly custom. With the best and brightest minds in our various departments and teams, we can develop innovative solutions for every project from start to finish. As we like to say, your home will truly be, “Built for Life!”


BAC Design Group

BAC Design Group’s team consists of experts in all areas of design, construction and craftsmanship. Having the opportunity to meet with our clients and provide them with hand drawn visualizations of their ideas allows us to stand apart. BAC Design group can offer services in all aspects of the process including budget development, color and fabric schemes, material selections, furniture and upholstery selections, lighting design and room staging and styling. BAC Design Group is ready for any project, big or small, and we will ensure the space reflects your style of life.

Project Management

Providing our clients with a highly experienced project manager allows the building process to move smoothly and efficiently. We approach each new build or remodel project with determination to develop a collaborative operation amongst all our different teams. They schedule weekly meetings with all departments within the company to coordinate our client’s priorities and timelines. With continual attention on the homes, project managers are the leaders in keeping constant communication with our internal departments, subcontractor partners and our homeowners.

The BAC Woodshop

Having an in-house, state of the art woodshop allows us endless opportunities to build custom features for your home. From custom cabinets, doors, trim and moldings, furniture and built-ins, we can construct personalized design features to fit your family’s needs. Our team is also able to produce tailored stain matches to your material selections allowing for a fully integrated and cohesive design. The ability to produce these pieces in the BAC Wood Shop allows us to showcase our team’s unparalleled craftsmanship.


The Excavation Team

Creating the proper space and landscape for any home is crucial. Clearing land, debris, and finding the true potential of a piece of property all starts with the precision work done by our very own excavation team. Their ability to operate machinery with flawless execution and scheduling is what we love about them. Their technical skills behind the helm of these complex machines enables the process of all the other teams to begin from a solid foundation. As the building process continues, they remain engaged until landscaping is complete.

The Tile Team

Our talented team of tile installers are both experts and artists. From the preliminary tile layouts to the on-site installation, our team works tirelessly to bring our client’s vision to life. The beautiful tile work displayed in our home’s kitchen backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, floors and bathrooms create inspired focal points and design features in our client spaces. Our installers can work with an assortment of materials and grout colors, while expertly laying the tile in artful patterns. Our tile team’s precision and attention to detail will leave you inspired!

The Trim Team

Bay Area Contracting’s first major area of expansion was implemented by hiring a skilled group of trim carpenters. We wanted to ensure that every project is built with the thoughtful design, quality and the craftsmanship that Bay Area Contracting is known for. Not only this, BAC has better control of our project schedules and deadlines – allowing for efficient execution so our clients can enjoy their new homes with their families! Our trim team members are true craftsman and their skill enables us to amplify the design of the space with the utmost intricacy.